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Refill Requests

Click here to access the AGHRx prescription refill service

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Once you have filled at least one prescription with RediScripts, you can sign up for our quick and easy prescription refill service. You will need to provide your current prescription Rx number, a personal email address and basic contact information to sign up, using the link above. Or, click here to register.

Download our App

If you are an AGHRx RediScripts patient, you can take advantage of fast and easy refills with the AGHRx RediScripts mobile app.

With the RediScripts Refill App, you can request a refill and send a custom message along with your refill request. Just scan the barcode found on your RediScripts medication packaging. The app also allows you to visit the RediScripts site page on the AGH web site or call the pharmacy, all with one touch.

Click or tap here for the iPhone/iPad app.

Click or tap here for the Android app.

If you have a question about AGHRx RediScripts, please call us (410) 641-9240. Or, just stop by the pharmacy during business hours. We are here to serve you!

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