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Emergency Room

We Put the Urgency in Emergency

While emergency room overcrowding and long waits to receive care plague hospitals across the country, Atlantic General Hospital improved efficiencies and shortened wait times in its emergency department to provide a better patient experience.

Our 2020 Strategic Plan to expand our Emergency Department will continue to build on this foundation, focusing on principles for efficient and effective care delivery for our rapidly growing community.

Atlantic General Hospital continues to make a 30-minute ER Promise, now a hallmark of our care philosophy: patients will be placed in an exam bed or will begin to receive treatment within 30 minutes of arrival at the hospital.


We also provide online wait times, found right here on our web site's home page, to give visitors an idea of the time they can expect to be in our emergency department before being placed in an exam room or having their treatment initiated. The service drives the 30 Minute ER Promise and empowers individuals to avoid longer waits.

“By no means do we want anyone to hold off coming to us if they are in a truly emergent situation. But, for those with more minor problems – a broken finger, a laceration – our online wait times service allows patients to make an informed decision about when-- and where-- to go. Individuals can see the current wait times for our Atlantic ImmediCare location as well as the Emergency Room."
-- Andi West McCabe, Director of Emergency Services/Practice Transformation at Atlantic General Hospital

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