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Prior Exams & Medical History

It is important that prior exam films and reports be obtained before your scheduled mammogram at the Eunice Q. Sorin Women's Diagnostic Center. The radiologist will need to review your prior exams to look for any subtle changes that may have occurred or to determine what is normal. You will need to make arrangements to obtain your films and reports. Your mammography films are important for comparison to identify any changes in your breast tissue. If your prior films are not available at the time your mammogram is performed, the interpretation of your films may be delayed or you may be required to return for additional tests.

We strongly recommend, if possible, that you personally pick up your films/reports from the facility where your last mammogram was performed. If this is not possible, please call the facility as soon as possible and arrange to have your films/reports mailed directly to the Women’s Diagnostic Center.

Please allow several weeks before you schedule your appointment to be certain that we receive your prior films before your visit. Please inform the facility that you wish to have your original films loaned or permanently transferred to The Women’s Diagnostic Center. You may print this release form to send to your previous facility in order to have your films released to Atlantic General.

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