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Home Sleep Studies

Did you know that you don’t have to come to the Sleep Disorders Diagnostic Center for your sleep study?

If you prefer, your sleep study can be conducted right in your home!

A home sleep study is beneficial for people who may have an “off-hours” schedule for sleeping, making it easier to successfully complete the study at home. Moreover, if you should have a restless night leading to inconclusive test results, the home sleep study can be administered a second time at no additional cost.

Unlike other health providers, at Atlantic General Hospital we meet with you prior to your home test and provide clear “how-to” instructions on setting up the sleep testing equipment. Our technicians can even pre-program the equipment to operate during your typical bedtime.

Home sleep studies are covered by Medicare and most insurance policies. Plus, just as with traditional sleep studies, the results are read by a pulmonologist or intensivist who is certified in sleep medicine – and also shared with your primary care physician.

For more information about sleep disorders and home sleep studies, (410) 641-9726.

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