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3D Mammography Service

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A mammogram is low-energy X-ray exam used to detect cancer in the human breast. It was first developed as a medical procedure the late 1950s, but it wasn’t much improved until after the turn of the century when digital technology was implemented. Now, three-dimensional (3D) imaging, known as digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), can create a 3D image of a breast using X-rays.


The technology allows the doctor to see a 3D image of the inside of a breast, which more clearly displays normal breast tissue as well as unusual lumps that could indicate cancer. With traditional 2D mammography, a doctor looks at a flat image of the breast, captured from two angles.3D imaging can reduce the number of recalls and false positives among patients. Compared to other techniques, 3D imaging also had a higher cancer detection rate, 41% higher in fact.

What to Expect

3D exams are similar to a traditional mammogram. A technologist positions you and presses your breast under a paddle. However, the image taking process is a little different. In a Genius exam, the machine will take pictures from different angles as the X-ray arm sweeps in a slight arc over the breast. No additional compression is required with a Genius exam, and it takes only a few seconds longer for each view. Your doctor can then review your tissue layer by one-millimeter layer.

Our Center Is Excited to Offer Genius 3D Mammography

Hologic Inc., the developer of this technology, is a worldwide leader in women’s health. The Women’s Imaging Department at Atlantic General Women’s Health Center is proud to offer this new service to our patients. Contact our scheduling center at (410) 641-9714 to make your appointment. Remember, mammograms can help find breast cancer early when it’s most treatable. Reduce your risk and call us today.

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