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Hormonal Contraceptive Prescribing

Your pharmacists at AGHRx RediScripts can now prescribe and fill hormonal contraceptives. No doctor’s visit is needed for your initial consultation—just walk in! Whether it’s the pill, patch, or ring, we can help find the option that’s right for you.

Who is eligible?
Patients 18 and older are eligible for a consultation with our pharmacist. But, only certain patients will be eligible to receive a prescription, based on a health screening questionnaire.

How much does the consultation cost?
A consultation fee of $39 covers the cost of your visit with the pharmacist. This fee does not cover the cost of the actual medication, which may be covered by your prescription insurance plan.

What types of birth control can the AGHRx RediScripts pharmacists prescribe?
Many birth control options are available including the pill, the transdermal patch and the vaginal ring. You and the pharmacist will determine the product best suited to you based on the health screening questionnaire you complete during your visit.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?
No appointment is necessary. You can come in any time during pharmacy hours.

Do I have to visit my doctor before meeting with the pharmacist?
No doctor's visit is necessary prior to your pharmacy consultation. However, the pharmacist may determine that a visit with your doctor is recommended based on your health needs. They will also recommend a follow up with your provide at the end of each consultation to ensure you receive appropriate preventive screenings.

Can the pharmacist prescribe emergency contraception, like Plan B?
At this time, our pharmacists are only able to prescribe preventive birth control, not emergency contraception. However, certain emergency contraception like Plan B is available over the counter. You can speak with a staff member about this product.

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