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Payment for our services can be made in any number of ways. Our primary source of payment is through patients' insurance coverage. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with what is and is not covered under your insurance plan. This will help you understand your hospital bill and how much of it will be paid by your insurance. The balance not covered by insurance will be the patient's responsibility.

The following sections give you a little more information about our billing. If you have further questions, we have a Frequently Asked Questions section that we hope you will find helpful. And, our Patient Financial Services staff is always here to help you. Their contact information can be found by clicking on the Questions link below or scrolling to the bottom of this page.

General Information About Hospital Bills and Insurance

Health insurance providers may have special requirements, such as a second surgical opinion or pre-certification requirements, before your admission. If the plan requirements are not followed, you could be held financially responsible for all or part of the services received in the hospital. If you have a co-pay or a deductible, it will be due at the time of service. If you pay your bill at the time of discharge, you will be granted a 2 percent discount. If you pay within 30 days of receiving your bill, you may take a 1 percent discount.

Will My Insurance Company Cover the Charges for Care Provided at Atlantic General Hospital?

You will need to call your insurance company to find out whether they will cover your hospital care and, just as important, what portion of the bill they will pay.

To confirm your insurance plan covers care you plan to receive at Atlantic General Hospital:

1. Call your insurance company, using the phone number on your insurance card.

2. Provide your ID number and the Employer Group Plan number (these should be on your insurance card)

3. Provide the description of the services you need at the hospital, including the procedure and/or diagnosis code numbers. You will need to call the physician who recommended the care, or referred you to the hospital, to get the exact description of the service and any procedure or diagnosis code numbers that match that type of care.

4. Ask if this care would be covered under your insurance plan.

5. If your insurance plan covers the care, be sure to ask what portion of that bill the insurance company will pay and the amount you will be responsible for.

6. If the care is covered, also ask if there are any pre-authorization requires before the service would be covered. Ask what information you need to have the services pre-authorized, which may involve contacting your physician's office for a referral or asking the insurance company to pre-authorize the services. Bring any documentation showing that the pre-authorization is approved with you to your hospital visit.

Important numbers the insurance company may request:
Atlantic General Hospital's Tax ID: 52-1656507
Atlantic General Hospital's NPI: 1053309120

Atlantic General Health System - Physician Billing

Atlantic General Health System (AGHS) is Atlantic General Hospital's network of primary care provider and specialist offices. Our AGHS offices consist of 11 locations in Worcester County, Maryland, and Sussex County, Delaware. when you receive a bill from AGHS, it is for the cost of that doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant providing service to you. It is completely separate from the hospital's billing. The AGHS providers participate with a number of insurance companies in the area. Click here to view a list of participating insurances for AGHS providers.

If you have questions about your AGHS bill, please call (410) 641-9450 or click on the AGHS-Physician Billing FAQ here .

Online Bill Payment

You can currently pay your bill online with our secure billpay form. Please be sure to have your current bill handy to reference the invoice number and amount owed. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card are accepted.

If You Have Health Insurance

We will need a copy of your health insurance card(s). We may also need the insurance forms which are supplied by your employer or insurance company. You will be asked to assign benefits from the insurance company directly to the hospital, which allows your insurance company to mail payment directly to the hospital.

If You Are Covered By Medicare

Please bring your Medicare card with you to your visit, so that we can make a copy of it. We need your Medicare card to verify eligibility and to process your Medicare claim. You will be required to complete a Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire. This allows Medicare to maintain updated information on Medicare recipients and helps our Financial Counselors determine if Medicare is your primary or your secondary insurance. All deductibles and co-payments are your responsibility. For answers to frequently asked questions about Medicare coverage, please see the booklets Medicare and You and Your Medicare Benefits. These booklets and others available from the U.S. Government can be downloaded as PDFs or ordered online through the links above, or ordered by calling (800) 633-4227.

If You Do Not Have Insurance

Payment is due at the time of discharge. If needed, one of our Financial Counselors will discuss financial arrangements with you or will assist you in applying for Medical Assistance or one of our other programs available. New insurance options are now available through the state health insurance exchanges offered in each state. Click here for more information.

If You Are Unable to Pay Your Bill

In certain circumstances, financial assistance may be available for patients who are unable to pay their hospital bill.

Your Hospital Bill Following Your Visit

The hospital will submit a bill to your insurance company and will do everything possible to expedite your claim. Once payment is received from the insurance company, you will be billed for any remaining balance.

You will receive a bill from the hospital. You may also receive separate bills from other health providers that we work with regularly. Examples of these other health providers are: Atlantic General Health System, your private physician, Delmarva Radiology, Peninsula Cardiology, Delmarva Heart, Emergency Services Associates. There may also be others depending on the services you received. If you have questions, please call the telephone number provided on the bill. If your physician is associated with Atlantic General Hospital or the Atlantic General Health System, his or her phone number can be found here.

Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC)

The HSCRC is the regulatory agency that sets the approved rates for each hospital in Maryland. Each hospital's rates can differ from each other depending on a variety of factors. Such factors can include: the range of services offered, the hospital's size, the population mix in terms of age, gender, race, etc., and the degree of illness of its population base. We charge all of our patients the same, based on our approved HSCRC rates, regardless of whether you as a patient have insurance, have limited insurance, or have no insurance. Unlike other states, Maryland will not allow you to negotiate your rates in any way.


If you have a question about your insurance and/or charges, please call our Patient Accounting department at (410) 641-9101 Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m