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Birth Control Options

Our women’s health providers offer a wide variety of temporary and permanent birth control options to fit every lifestyle and stage of life. Whether looking for the flexibility of an oral medication, the convenience of a subcutaneous implant or IUD, or assurance of sterilization via laparoscopic surgery or hysteroscopic sterilization, our providers can help you.

The latest in permanent sterilization is the Essure® procedure, during which a tiny mechanism in placed through the cervix and uterus into the fallopian tubes. After radiofrequency energy is directed at the inside of the fallopian tubes, a silicone mesh is inserted. Over a three-month period, the fallopian tubes gradually scar closed, blocking the path along which an egg and sperm would meet to begin fertilization.

To discuss all your birth control options and determine whether temporary or permanent birth control is right for you, make an appointment today with one of the providers in our Selbyville or West Ocean City offices.

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