Foundation Board of Directors

Foundation Board of Directors - 2019

Todd Ferrante, Chair
J. Steven Green, Vice Chair
Phil Houck, Treasurer
Michelle Fager, Esq., Secretary

Kevin Andrade
Chris Carbaugh
Charlotte Cathell
Phillip Cheung, CPA
James “Bud” Church
Lisa Cook**
S. Michael Cylc
Sal Fasano
Aaron Finney
Michael A. Franklin, President/CEO
Daniel S. Harris III**
Christopher Hoen
Madalaine How
Toni M. Keiser
Mary Knight
M. Dean Lewis
James N. Mathias, Jr.**
Cheryl Nottingham
Dawne Pappas
Kitty Reeves**
Steven Sweigert
Louis H. Taylor
Rebecca Taylor
Emily Tunis
Gail Whaley
Terry Wright
Preeti Yonker, M.D.
** Appointed ex-officio non-voting board member

For more information about serving on the Atlantic General Hospital Foundation
Board of Directors, please contact us!