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Major Gifts

Atlantic General Hospital Is Your Not for Profit Community Hospital.

A not-for-profit, community-based hospital:

  • is under local control
  • focuses on local concerns
  • has no private gain
  • provides access to care
  • gives its attention to community needs

As a not-for-profit, community-based hospital, Atlantic General Hospital and Health System holds itself accountable to the people we serve — Y.O.U.!

  • Our assets stay in the community
  • Our Board of Trustees is local and serves without pay. They balance financial decisions with community concerns.
  • There is no “private” profit – no individual or corporation makes any profit.
  • All income above expenses is used to improve the health of the community.
  • We provide a full spectrum of care – education, prevention, and treatment – that benefits all members of our community.

With donor support, we will:

  • Continue the Integrated Health Literacy Program. The first of its kind in the NATION. Serving more than 2,400 students in Worcester County Public Schools, this program has expanded from a small pilot to every student in the county in grades 1 through 5 - with a new pilot starting in our middle schools. Research shows these students are becoming more aware of what constitutes good health, and how to make healthy choices due to this program. Our vision through this program is healthy life choices and a healthier community.
  • Continue to provide mission-driven community education and health services. This has allowed our associates direct interaction with more than 63,000 members of our community outside of traditional clinical settings.
  • Continue growing our pain management program. Addressing the critical need for effective, lasting relief from chronic pain - a leading cause of disability in this country.
  • Provide home sleep studies. AGH is the ONLY provider of home sleep studies that also provides comprehensive one-on-one education and instructions for using the equipment. Offering lower-cost, comfort and convenience.
  • Continue to grow our Dermatology and Pediatric offerings. Atlantic General Health System now includes two dermatologists in Selbyville, Delaware, and three pediatricians located in the new Atlantic General Medical Center in West Ocean City to serve these specialty needs.
  • Continue the non-surgical component to the Bariatric (weight loss) Program. Offered at Atlantic General Bariatric Center. Nearly 70% percent of adults in our community are considered overweight or obese, which often leads to other chronic illnesses. This program provides these individuals with the treatment and ongoing support and monitoring necessary to safely reach their goals and achieve permanent weight loss.
  • Increase community awareness around our Pulmonary Clinic. To address the education and care coordination needs of our population with pulmonary diseases. Patients with emphysema or other COPD, asthma, or other diseases can now receive the comprehensive care they need to properly manage their conditions in an outpatient clinical setting.
  • Continue additional mission-driven projects including the partnership in telemedicine with Kennedy Krieger Institute. Atlantic General Hospital is the first hospital in the nation to partner with Baltimore’s internationally recognized Kennedy Krieger Institute to provide neurodevelopmental pediatric specialty services via telemedicine to children with autism, ADD / ADHD, intellectual disabilities, communication, learning and other developmental disorders who live far from specialty care. This allows the neurodevelopmental pediatricians at Kennedy Krieger Institute to simultaneously monitor a child’s behavior in the play area in the back of the room while consulting with the patient’s parent or guardian in the foreground. The telemedicine equipment utilized by AGH/AHC/ KKI is secure and encrypted to protect patient information confidentiality.

Where We’ve Been

Atlantic General Hospital’s previous five-year strategic plan helped us achieve many notable accomplishments, including:

  • Implementing better service and more convenience for our patients and for the community:
    • 30-Minute ER Promise
    • Atlantic ImmediCare clinics
    • Patient-Centered Medical Home model
    • RediScripts pharmacy
  • Implementing the Health Literacy project in the Worcester County Public Schools and through faith-based initiatives with local spiritual leaders
  • Implementing an integrated electronic health record system across the entire AGH system
  • Attaining Level I and Level II Meaningful Use goals set by the federal government
  • Performing well in healthcare quality metrics and achieving strong patient satisfaction ratings
  • Expanding the pool of primary care physicians and specialists in our region

… And we’ve accomplished all this coupled with operational efficiencies and positive financial performance.

AGH's 2015-2020 Strategic Plan

The U.S. healthcare industry continues to face unprecedented uncertainty as fundamental reforms are implemented:

  • The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act
  • Maryland’s new healthcare financing model for hospitals
The goals behind the initiatives are praiseworthy:
  • Improve the health of the population
  • Enhance the patient care experience
  • Reduce the cost of care
Achieving this triple aim is a challenge, as there are many unresolved questions about their implementation. Our new 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is designed to get us there.

Our 2020 Vision is all about integrating healthcare beyond the acute care facility. Investment in technology-based solutions will result in care being distributed more evenly throughout our region, with easier access for all. AGH will be the leader in promoting our region’s good health and the prevention of disease.

2020 Vision: The Right Path to Good Health

Right Care

  • Focused on affordable patient and family care
  • Error-free healthcare services
  • Focused on primary care providers
  • Timely delivery of healthcare services
  • Driven by best practices

Right Place

  • Community-based healthcare services
  • Primary care available everywhere
  • Conveniently available healthcare specialists
  • Telemedicine capabilities

Right People

  • A service orientation
  • A provider mix that aligns with our community’s needs
  • The right healthcare specialists, available locally
  • Continuous learning and improvement

Right Partners

  • Accountable, affordable care
  • Advanced acute care referral
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Long-term care
  • Hospice and palliative care
  • Mental health care

Right Hospital

  • The right hospital to lead care coordination in our community
  • The right place to receive care

For more information about our strategic initiatives or how you can support our efforts through a Major Gift, please call the Foundation office at (410) 641-9671 or Email Us Here.