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Campaign for the Future

As a not-for-profit community hospital, Atlantic General Hospital invests all income above expenses in programs to strengthen and expand healthcare services and community outreach to meet the organization's mission to improve individual and community health. However, financial support from the community is crucial in bridging the gap between the cost of modern medicine and the growing health needs of residents on the Eastern Shore.

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The Atlantic General Campaign for the Future is the philanthropic community support that will allow Atlantic General Hospital to achieve their 2020 Vision for healthcare. All funding will support programs that stay in Worcester County, to benefit residents and visitors of Worcester County and the surrounding region.

"As our community continues to expand, it is vital that our local hospital expand to meet the health care needs of our local families and seasonal visitors. Community support in every way is paramount, as these projects will not only benefit us but will be a lasting gift to our children and future generations."

Michelle Fager, Esq. Vice President, Fagers Island Ltd Foundation co-chair of the Atlantic General Campaign for the Future

The New John H. "Jack" Burbage, Jr. Regional Cancer Care Center - In addition to existing medical oncology and chemotherapy infusion services and integrative therapies, the new center will include radiation oncology; PET, CT, MRI and other advanced diagnostic radiology services on one campus; laboratory and pathology services; community education and support facilities; and telemedicine technology that will allow patients and their physicians to consult with other cancer care experts, preventing unnecessary travel for consultation and follow up care for patients who may require more intensive cancer care services. A healing garden will be placed outside this new space as a safe, meditative place that helps rejuvenate patients, family members and staff. By surrounding patients with the sights, sounds and smells of nature, the healing garden will help reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and promote the natural healing process. Community members can support the creation of this tranquil space for their family members, friends and neighbors who are battling cancer. A brick pathway throughout the gardens can be engraved to carry your personal message or honor a special person in your life. To reserve your brick(s) for the healing garden, please click here.
Groundbreaking was held in June 2017, with completion scheduled for the spring of 2018.

A New Women's Health Center with 3D Mammography Screening - Inspired by the needs of today's busy women, the center will offer patients a seamless experience, with routine exams that can be scheduled together for added convenience. Full breast screening services, including 3D mammography and ultrasound; bone densitometry; gynecology consultations; and colposcopy, endometrial biopsy and other minor gynecological surgeries will be provided under one roof. The center will be completed in early 2017.

Modernization of Inpatient Care Area – A newly-renovated inpatient care area located on the 2nd floor of Atlantic General Hospital will provide greater efficiency for nursing care and provide improved line of sight to beds from a new and more central nursing and physician work station. The new design will reduce noise in the corridors, improving sleep and comfort for patients. A private room for patient medication instruction and additional, more pleasing family space will be created to allow for family involvement in the treatment and recovery process. Family involvement improves patient response to treatment and improves ongoing recovery after discharge from the hospital.

Modernization of Surgical Facilities – Redesign of the existing surgical services unit and adjacent areas will incorporate the latest technology to enhance best practices in pre-operative care, surgical care and post-operative care, providing larger operating rooms to accommodate advanced laparoscopic and orthopedic surgical procedures. The design will include a private consultation room for patients in the pre-admission and post-operative area to improve patient privacy in the ambulatory surgery area.

Emergency Department and Outpatient Services Expansion - As one of the fastest growing areas in Maryland and Delaware, the region served by Atlantic General Hospital has an increasing need for access to emergency services when unplanned medical emergencies arise. To maintain the ER's efficient care delivery, the number of treatment areas will be increased. A dedicated space for patient consultation, counseling and arrangement of follow-up appointments with community providers will also be created as well as a consolidated triage and protocol center. The design will allow for improved patient privacy and comfort and increased security capabilities.