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Take an Active Role in Your Stay

Atlantic General Hospital is committed to your safety. Patients who are more involved with their care tend to do better and stay safer. By working with our physicians, nurses and hospital staff, you can reduce your risk of injury and make your stay as safe as possible.

For tips on becoming a more active member of your health care team, and improving communication between you and your doctor, click the Ask Me 3 documents below, or visit the Ask Me 3 website.

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Wear Your Identification At All Times

  • You will be issued a wrist identification bracelet when you are admitted to the hospital. Wear it at all times. If it comes off or you lose it, ask your nurse to get a new one for you.
  • Check the information on your I.D. bracelet to make sure it is correct.
  • Make sure all staff members check your I.D. bracelet before any procedure or test.

For more information about taking an active role in your health care, visit the web site for the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality.