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File of Life

The File of Life is a free program, designed to help your local fire department paramedics and emergency rooms obtain your necessary medical history and emergency contact information in an emergency... it could help save your life.

Please call us for more information and make arrangements to receive a File of Life packet. Our number is (410) 641-1100.
In the packet, you will receive a refrigerator magnet file, a door sticker, and a wallet/purse file

You can also click here and print a File of Life form.*

Refrigerator Magnet File of Life holder

The card, which is kept in a red plastic pocket labeled FILE OF LIFE, lists the name, emergency medical contacts, other vital information, medications, dosages, allergies, recent surgeries, religion, doctor's name and a health care proxy. The entire pocket, affixed with a magnet, can be placed on the outside of your refrigerator.

Door Sticker

This is a simple, brightly colored sticker that you place on your front door, or your primary entry door. In the event of an emergency, this sticker will alert EMS personnel that File of Life information should be on the refrigerator in your home.

The Pocket/Purse/Wallet File

In addition to the FILE OF LIFE for the refrigerator, you also get a compact version for you to carry in your wallet or purse. A card containing the same medical information is enclosed in the red plastic case that you keep with you. This personal wallet-size version is a very valuable source of information to emergency medical personnel responding to your possible critical, life-threatening situations. Having instant access to medical facts and information can make the difference when every second counts. You can also take this convenient wallet size FILE of Life to your doctor’s office & diagnostic testing area,

What information is contained in the file?
Your name, address, emergency medical contacts, insurance policy and health problems, medications, dosages, allergies, recent surgeries, religion, doctor's name and a health care proxy, etc.

One of the most important parts of the program is keeping your information up to date!! Please help us help you.

*Acknowledgement Statement
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