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Volunteer Opportunities

Atlantic General Hospital offers an abundance of ways you can volunteer.

Listed below are the opportunities you can choose from. If you are unsure what area would be the best fit for you, we can help you choose!

Ambulatory Services
While volunteers in our Ambulatory Surgery Unit and Endoscopy Center do not provide medical care or advice, they do play an important role in the overall quality of service provided to both patients and families. Volunteers work closely with and under the direction of the nursing staff in admitting, discharging, transporting and other patient services as needed.

Auxiliary members who volunteer in this area work with Doctors, Nurses and Nurse Technicians. They perform the tasks that allow these professionals to help resolve the health concerns of our patients. Tasks can include cleaning and preparing stretchers, transporting patients to imaging, checking on patients comfort and being available for any other help our professionals need. The activity level can change quickly since our patients do not plan for an emergency visit. Patients arrive needing help and we assist in them getting it. Our reward is priceless.

Support Services
We also have volunteers that help in many of the support areas of the hospital and health system including Medical records, Case Management, our Wound Care Center, Imaging, Education, Administration, Public Relations, Fundraising, and Materials Management departments. Responsibilities in these areas include stocking linen, keeping our blanker warmer adequately full, transporting and escorting patients, grounds maintenance, delivering supplies and basic clerical work.

This is the position for the active volunteers. Our volunteers escort patients to the lab for blood work and the imaging department for scheduled and unscheduled tests. Additionally volunteers in this area accompany or direct family members to the Fast Track and Emergency room areas. We also assist the associates with any tasks that will allow them to focus on their workload. If there are any missing wheel chairs, our volunteers use their detective skills to find them.

Mail Room
If you like working with machines and technology, you'll love the mail room! We process the outgoing mail for the hospital on a Pitney Bowes Machine 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, and then sort incoming mail and put it in the proper mailbox for the associates to pick up. We work in the morning so the mail is ready for pickup by 11am. You can volunteer once a week, twice a month or whatever fits your schedule.

Retired Nurses
The retired nurse’s duties include patient pre-op and post op calls, follow up calls from patients who have had a stay in AGH, chart review and assisting with the Flu Clinics. None of the duties are invasive, but all have the goals of making the patient's hospital stay less stressful by keeping the line of communication open between the patient and his or her caregiver. In essence, the Retired Nurse is an extension of the nurse. We request that volunteer applicants for this area have at one time obtained a nursing license.

Thrift Shop
thrift shop cashier and customerThe Thrift Shop is staffed by AGH Auxiliary members that manage every aspect. The Thrift Shop includes a Sales Floor Staff, Cashiers, a Merchandise Sorting and Pricing Team, and Store Decorators. As the Thrift Shop continues to grow and expand, there is always the need for additional volunteers. If you like to give back to your community and enjoy working in a fun retail environment, the Thrift Shop provides this opportunity.