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Tracy B.

  • Author: Tracy Brittingham
  • Date Submitted: Nov 17, 2017
  • Category: Atlantic Success Stories

Tracy Brittingham fought multiple myeloma surrounded by friends and family, and the caregivers at Atlantic General’s Regional Cancer Care Center.

Tracy Brittingham credits not only her family, friends and faith for getting her through cancer diagnosis and treatment, but the caregivers at the AGH Regional Cancer Care

Center, especially her physician, Dr. Rabindra Paul.

In May 2015, Tracy’s busy life as a correctional officer changed dramatically when she received her multiple myeloma diagnosis. She had been seeing Dr. Paul already for a blood clot and felt so comfortable and well-cared for by him and his team that when the time came to choose a cancer care provider, she felt no need to look elsewhere.

“I love Dr. Paul and his team. He was by my side from diagnosis throughout my entire treatment. The Regional Cancer Care Center team makes you feel at home. They are so supportive and treat you like family,” said Tracy.

The proximity of the Regional Cancer Care Center to Tracy’s home was another deciding factor. She is a Berlin native, and the fact that she was able to remain independent, even driving herself home after treatments from time to time, made all the difference. She felt as if she was being cared for by friends and neighbors who were invested in her health and wellbeing.

Even though the diagnosis and treatment led her to retire early from her physically demanding job as a correctional officer, Tracy has a zest for life and appreciates each day.

“When you’re going through cancer diagnosis and treatment it can be very hard to deal with and process. Friends and family, like my daughter, Star, my mother and Reverend Barbara Harmon, all provided the support when I needed it. That, a positive, fighting attitude and my caregivers at the AGH Regional Cancer Care Center got me through it,” said Tracy.

Tracy added that if a friend or relative were diagnosed with cancer, she would not hesitate to recommend the Regional Cancer Care Center, adding that you absolutely need a team of caregivers that will provide support and treat you like family.

The Regional Cancer Care Center

At the Regional Cancer Care Center in Berlin, MD, we know that cancer care is about so much more than medical treatment. We’re sensitive to each patient’s emotional and mental state, in addition to the needs and wishes of family members and other caregivers. We are committed to ensuring that each patient receives quality, holistic treatment for the best outcomes.

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