Attend a Webinar

We recognize that juggling a busy work schedule and home life can make it difficult for some to attend our on-site weight loss surgery seminars. If you are interested in surgery but are unable to participate in one of our monthly seminars, you have another option: View our webinar and take the post-webinar quiz instead!

Once you have taken the quiz, please call Atlantic General Bariatric Center at 410-641-9568 to discuss next steps.

Welcome to the Weight Loss Surgery Quiz

Please enter your first name, last name, address and phone number in the fields below before proceeding to the questions. Answer each of the questions to the best of your knowledge. At the end, you will be given a score that measures your understanding of the weight loss surgery program at Atlantic General Bariatric Center and the steps required by most health insurance plans. A score of 80% or better must be achieved to be eligible to make an appointment for your surgical consultation without attending one of our on-site seminars. Good luck!

1. The patient may choose to call his or her insurance company to:

2. There are 5 main components required by most insurance companies to meet criteria for bariatric surgery. These are:

3. Post-op program expectations are:

4. Which statement(s) is/are true regarding the Bariatric Group Nutrition visits:

5. Which statement(s) is/are true regarding the Bariatric Support group visits:

6. The Bariatric Program Check List is a tool that:

7. Patients should keep what type of journals during the course of his or her program:

8. The Nutrition Assessment Form:

9. The National Bariatric Link is a good resource for more information about Bariatric Surgery.

10. The next step is to call the Bariatric Office at AGH to make an appointment with one of the Bariatric surgeons.