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Atlantic General Hospital Auxiliary Holds Awards Dinner

Atlantic General Hospital Auxiliary Holds Awards Dinner

During their annual celebration in April, the Atlantic General Hospital Auxiliary presented a check for $50,000 to the Atlantic General Hospital Foundation’s annual appeal, and honored the continued dedication and volunteer service of their members.

Volunteers support AGH by donating their time and expertise in every aspect of the hospital and health system, as well as in the community, providing more than 40,000 hours of service to the hospital annually. From the mail room to the front lobby, these volunteers make an extraordinary impact on the day-to-day operations of Atlantic General Hospital and Health System.

Volunteers also serve on hospital teams and committees, providing crucial insight and community support to Atlantic General Hospital.

2023 – 2024 Atlantic General Hospital Auxiliary officers were sworn in during the celebration. This includes president Laura Rohe, treasurer Richard Buccheri and recording & corresponding secretary Jackie Choate.

The AGH volunteers’ passion and dedication to serving the Eastern Shore community is unwavering, and they are truly appreciated for everything they do. For this year’s celebration, volunteers were recognized for their years of dedicated service to Atlantic General Hospital.

In addition to honoring the volunteers’ years of service, a special recognition was given to student volunteer Rina Dirickson who has spent years volunteering her time at the Thrift Shop every weekend. Mary Lou Jones was also commended by the Worcester County commissioners’ office for her 30 years of dedicated service to Atlantic General Hospital.

Volunteer Years of Service:

1-5 years: Eileen Betz, Vera Camillo, Bruce Campbell, Francis Carothers, Diane Cohee, Susan Decker, Debra Doyle, Ronald Engle, Linda Getgen, Margaret Hamilton, Arusa Islam, Patricia Kearney, Janice Kosesky, Sharron Lewis, Lois May, Jennifer Mays, Kaila McCabe, Pamela McGregor, Carol Miller, Kathleen Myers, Elise Scott, George Shoben, Kim Peters, Lee Peterson, Arthur Thomas, Peter Varghese, Mallie Barnett, Candida Daniele, Corinne Eby, Linda Finocchiaro, Marianna Freeman, Mary Gernhardt, Henrietta McCroskey, William Megary, Dorothy Pinto, Nancy Sullivan, Audrey Vanscoy, Kathleen Willett, Richard Buccheri, Pat Cooke, Joan McLaughlin, Cordelia Whittington, Denise Buccheri, Nancy Cartwright, Granvill Jones, Martha Quinn, Laura Rohe, Christine Bauer, Amelia Bloodsworth, Shirley Deemer, Rob Eckenrode, John Ensor, Jeanne Major, Millie Miller, Eileen Patterson.

6-10 years: Fran Adelhardt, Carol Applegit, Loretta Kletzli, Charleen Kuhblank, Fred Kuhblank, Jacklyn Mattson, Gerald Niedentohl, Elizabeth Parkin, Joseph Sowinski, Ellen Yannuzzi, Julian Coates, Jr., Dorothy Duvall, Cynthia Roman, Steven Stein, Audrey Wahl, Joan Dempsey, Deborah Staufenberg, Eileen Leonhart, Carole Mankus, Joan Murphy, Karol Salafia, Nick Salafia, Jean Beatty, Barbara Lischak.

11-15 years: Robert Schultz, Ann Hamilton, Bruce Jarvis, Kathleen Tallman, Mina Engle, Nancy Jarvis, Hanna Myers, Mary Jo Scarbath, Karen Schultz, Theresa Wallace, Susan Wilson, Tina Preziotti.

16-20 years: Betty Bowers, Eileen Martin, Kathryn Reeves, Kathy Schneider, Jane Wolnik, Nancie Beste, Joyce Brittan, Mary Cetola, MaryAnn Frontera, Joyce Melocik, Sandy Miller, Ellen Morvick, JoAnn Poremski, Beth Riley, Jackie Shockley, Carmen Sowinski, Carolyn Beatty, Jackie Choate, Rita Landis, James Morvick, Joan Stearn.

21+ years: Lorena Christian – 22 years, Kathleen Loetz – 22 years, Jane Bartolomeo – 23 years, Nicholas Bartolomeo – 23 years, Mary Lou Jones – 30 years.