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A Letter from Claire

May 23, 2018

To my AGH Family:

Every morning we wake up, brush our teeth, drink our coffee, and sometimes grumble about going to work. We kiss our important people, pet our pets and off we go.

Then in an instance, everything we cherished, all we worked for is gone. Why? There is no answer. How? An unthinkable reason - electrical fire. Can we make it through? I don’t know. Belief in God? Yes, Strongly!

The outpouring of love from my AGH family is unfathomable. The bake sale, the collections, my dearest of dear radiology co-workers, the doctors, and that’s just the beginning. So many people whose name I know and so many that I only know your face…..the kisses and hugs, the I'm sorrys, the how can I helps?

Thank you doesn’t cover what my heart feels. The only way I can put it into words is to say…..

When you see my scrubs, they come from you.

My shoes, they come from you.

Needed material things, they come from you.

And eventually my new home, will come from you.

The only way I can show your gratitude is to carry your kindness with me by speaking more gently, caring more earnestly, providing warmth more readily……this my friends, is what I can do.

Coming to work now, eases the anguish I feel. This will slowly get better and it gives me hope that all will be well. So when our eyes meet in the hallways, know deep, deep down in your heart that I am thankful. On bended knees I will pray for all of you as you have for me.

My family here at AGH is forged in my heart my heart forever. With gratitude that cannot be expressed.

(Mike and) Claire Pawlikowski, RN