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2020 Vision: The Right Path to Good Health

The U.S. healthcare industry continues to face unprecedented uncertainty as fundamental reforms are implemented:

  • The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act
  • Maryland's new healthcare financing model for hospitals

The goals behind the initiatives are praiseworthy:

  • Improve the health of the population
  • Enhance the patient care experience
  • Reduce the cost of care

Achieving this triple aim is a challenge, as there are many unresolved questions about their implementation. Our new 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is designed to get us there.

Where We've Been

Atlantic General Hospital's previous five-year strategic plan helped us achieve many notable accomplishments, including:

  • Implementing better service and more convenience for our patients and for the community

...And we've accomplished all this coupled with operational efficiencies and positive financial performance.

2020 Vision - care.coordination

Our 2020 Vision is all about integrating healthcare beyond the acute care facility. Investment in technology-based solutions will result in care being distributed more evenly throughout our region, with easier access for all. AGH will be the leader in promoting our region's good health and prevention of disease.

Right Care

  • Focused on affordable patient and family care
  • Error-free healthcare services
  • Focused on primary care providers
  • Timely delivery of healthcare services
  • Driven by best practices

Right Place

  • Community-based healthcare services
  • Primary care available everywhere
  • Conveniently available healthcare specialists
  • Telemedicine capabilities

Right People

  • A service orientation
  • A provider mix that aligns with our community's needs
  • The right healthcare specialists, available locally
  • Continuous learning and improvement

Right Partners

  • Accountable, affordable care
  • Advanced acute care referral
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Long-term care
  • Hospice and palliative care
  • Mental health care

Right Hospital

  • The right hospital to lead care coordination in our community
  • The right place to receive care

We are grounded by these timeless values:

P Patient Safety First
A Accountability for financial resources
T Trust, respect and kindness
I Integrity, honesty and dignity
E Education - continued learning and improvement
N Needs of our community - participation and community involvement
T Teamwork, partnership and communication
S Service and personalized attention