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Atlantic General Hospital and Health System Celebrates Certified Nurses Day

Atlantic General Hospital and Health System Celebrates Certified Nurses Day

Atlantic General Hospital and Health System celebrated Certified Nurses Day on March 19 by honoring its board certified nurses. Certified Nurses Day is a worldwide day of recognition that occurs every year to celebrate nursing specialty, subspecialty and advanced practice certification. This day is the perfect opportunity to thank certified nurses for their dedication, achievements and deep commitment to patient safety. The following nurses were recognized for their professionalism, leadership and commitment to excellence in patient care:

Administration: Mandy Bounds

Atlantic General Bariatric Center: Angela Simmons

Atlantic General Endoscopy Center: Anne Kay; Terry Moore

Community Care Coordination: Karen Christmas

Emergency Department: Melissa Bennett; Sarah Esh; Eunice Esposito; Mary Mason; Jara Parks; Melanie Smith; Laura Sturla; Andi West-McCabe; Katie Widdowson

Imaging Department: Jodie Connelly; Angela ‘Monique’ Welch

Integrated Care Management: Lauren Budd; Chuck Gizara

Intensive Care Unit: Jen Chisley; Paula Dize; Sindy Fletcher; Nicole Morris

Medical Infusion: Judy Cowger

Medical-Surgical: Candace Conway; Laura Krieger; Melissa Thompson; Kayla Wallace

Surgical Services: Christy Berry;Marylou Buck; Bonita Conner; John Goodman; Milette Hacek; Amy Holloway; Anne Lynch; Patricia Ortlip; Ramona Swartz; Brittany Upman; Leanne Wiedner

Regional Cancer Care Center: Stephanie Ellis; Samantha Myszka; Mary Palenchar; Paige Wildmann; Mary Wilgus

“I continue to be inspired by the expertise and commitment to excellence of the nurses at Atlantic General Hospital,” says Mandy Bounds, DNP, RN, CCRN, CPHQ, vice president patient care services/chief nursing officer. “A national certification demonstrates a nurse’s expertise and commitment to their specialty and life-long learning, and most importantly, continues to elevate excellence in the nursing care for our patients and families who we serve.”

Atlantic General Hospital and Health System encourages national board certification for all its nurses. Patients are encouraged to inquire whether there are certified nurses on staff when they visit a hospital or their primary or specialty care office.

There are many nursing certification specialties such as medical-surgical, pediatric, pain management, cardiac vascular, oncology, hospice, case management, emergency nursing, critical care and many others. Many nursing certification bodies exist to serve the full range of specialized nursing care offered in the contemporary healthcare system.

Please join Atlantic General Hospital and Health System, and the nation’s national nursing certification organizations, in honoring those hardworking, dedicated nurses for their professionalism and a job well done!

(Pictured above) Seated, left to right: Christy Berry; Melanie Smith; Sarah Esh; Judy Cowger; Samantha Myszka; Angela Simmons

Standing, front row, left to right: Karen Christmas; Melissa Thompson; Leanne Wiedner; Mandy Bounds; Chuck Gizara; Andi West-McCabe; Stephanie Ellis; Brittany Upman; Milette Hacek

Standing, back row, left to right: Kayla Wallace; Laura Sturla; Sindy Fletcher; John Goodman; Bonita Conner; Angela ‘Monique’ Welch

Not pictured: Melissa Bennett; Marylou Buck; Lauren Budd; Jen Chisley; Jodie Connelly; Candice Conway; Paula Dize; Eunice Esposito; Amy Holloway; Anne Kay; Laura Krieger; Anne Lynch; Mary Mason; Terry Moore; Nicole Morris; Patricia Ortlip; Mary Palenchar; Jara Parks; Ramona Swartz; Katie Widdowson; Paige Wildmann; Mary Wilgus