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Get Answers to Human Trafficking: Lower Shore Anti-Human Trafficking Conference

Get Answers to Human Trafficking: Lower Shore Anti-Human Trafficking Conference

Every year, millions of people around the world are trafficked, and unfortunately, Worcester County is not immune to this heartless crime. Join Atlantic General Hospital’s Faith-Based Partnership on April 22 at SonRise Church in Berlin, Md., for the Lower Shore Anti-Human Trafficking Conference. From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., a team of experts from local community organizations will provide you with a deeper understanding of human trafficking, including how it affects Worcester County, how to identify warning signs, how to report suspected trafficking and information on available resources, among other things.

The speakers who will provide education on human trafficking include:

Kelly Richardson: Board Chair, Harriett's House

Kelly Richardson, a wife and mom of five, is a domestic violence survivor and a Marine veteran. She holds her degree in homeland security. Richardson has been a board member with Harriett's House of Cambridge, Md., for the past three years. Her passion to combat human trafficking started about eight years ago at a Faith Filled Women's Conference in Salisbury, Md.. She simply listened to a breakout session about human trafficking 101 with the Samaritan Women, of Baltimore, Md., and it triggered her to take action for those that have no voice and are locked in a world of modern day slavery. Since then, Richardson tries to take every opportunity to do local mission work throughout the Eastern Shore by educating and raising awareness. She strives to open the eyes of those that are unaware that human trafficking is happening right here on the Eastern Shore.

Julie Crain: Founder & Executive Director, Harriett's House

Julie Crain is the founder and executive director of Harriett’s House, an anti-human trafficking organization in Cambridge, Md.. Harriett’s House currently operates as a drop-in center for survivors of human trafficking, with plans to expand into residential housing in the future. Julie began her work in human trafficking through traveling internationally, doing short-term mission work in after-care programs for women who had escaped sex trafficking. Realizing the need for services in the United States compelled her to start Harriett’s House with the goal of raising awareness and educating communities about human trafficking, providing outreach, drop-in centers and developing residential programing for women survivors of sex trafficking.

Dr. Danielle Thomas: Child Sex Trafficking Regional Navigator, Life Crisis Center

Dr. Danielle Thomas is the regional navigator for Maryland's Lower Shore. She supports children and young adults who are survivors of sex trafficking or at risk of being trafficked. Thomas completed her doctoral degree in traumatology, where she focused her dissertation research on the resources available to survivors of child sex trafficking in nonmetropolitan communities. She also holds a master's degree in addictions and recovery counseling. Thomas has previously worked as a crisis clinician for children and adolescents in southern Delaware. Most recently, she worked for Worcester County's CRICKET Center, where she helped provide outreach and education on child abuse.

Mandi Mendoza: Survivor Leader, Delaware Anti-Trafficking Action Council

Mandi Mendoza is a survivor leader who has lived experience with both familial trafficking as well as domestic violence. She currently is a survivor leader with the Delaware Anti-Trafficking Action Council. She has a passion and desire to use her voice through her lived experience to help others and to raise awareness, and credits where she is today to her faith in God.

This event is free of charge, with the sole purpose of educating and raising awareness of human trafficking in our area. After all, an educated community is the first line of defense in keeping the Eastern Shore free of human trafficking. Scan the QR code below or contact Thomas at for more information and to register for the Lower Shore Anti-Human Trafficking Conference.