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Atlantic General Hospital Volunteers Receive Dedication to Excellence Award

Atlantic General Hospital Volunteers Receive Dedication to Excellence Award

Front Row (left to right): Audrey Vanscoy; Laura Rohe; Ann Hamilton, Auxiliary president; Steve Stein; Nancy Cartwright, ED assistant coordinator; Debbie Staufenberg, ED coordinator; Nancy Jarvis; Vonnie Brown, Board Quality Committee chair; Joyce Brittan; Toni Keiser, AGH vice president of public relations.

Back Row (left to right): Jim Morvick; Ken Waters; Charlotte Cathell, chair of the AGH Board of Trustees; Bruce Jarvis.

Not pictured: Bill Megary; Joan Dempsey; Brooks Ensor.

The Atlantic General Hospital Auxiliary ER volunteers recently received the Dedication to Excellence Award for their commitment to the hospital and the patients they serve.

These volunteers were the first members of the Auxiliary to return to help at the hospital after COVID restrictions were relaxed. Additionally, when COVID cases spiked again this year during the busy summer season, the volunteers worked right alongside the staff, picking up extra shifts, coming in early or staying late.

Being a volunteer in the emergency department is demanding, but satisfying work. These Auxiliary members provide essential support, such as helping turn over rooms between patients. They clean and make beds and help ensure the equipment is wiped down in the rooms. They also fill the blanket warmer with fresh blankets, pick up food trays from the cafeteria and return them when they are finished, among other duties.

The chair of the AGH Board of Trustees as well as the Board Quality Committee chair were on hand to offer their thanks to this tremendous group.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Atlantic General Hospital Auxiliary, please visit to fill out an application.