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Cancer Care Done Right - Kathryn's Journey

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Cancer Care Done Right - Kathryn's Journey

“When you get a diagnosis like cancer and you hear that word, it just changes your life. You think, ‘how am I going to get through this? Who is going to get me through this?’ My cancer journey started in June 0f 2019 when I started not feeling well. I thought maybe I had diverticulitis and when the pain got really bad in August, I went to the ER.

The staff was great – they could tell I was in a tremendous amount of pain; they could see it in my eyes. They didn’t brush off my pain, my concerns. It was the responsiveness of the staff at all levels that impressed me.

Within two weeks of that trip to the ER, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, stage 3B, and in my first cancer treatment.

I had asked, ‘who should I go to?’ because if we don’t get this done right the first time, I won’t be here for a second try. I was reassured to learn of the Burbage Cancer Care Center’s connection to larger cancer centers. I went to Baltimore for my surgery and came back here for my treatments.

The largest piece, of course, is faith, and faith put me here, at the Burbage Regional Cancer Care Center. You feel good things when you’re there. Nothing holds a candle to the holistic benefits of the large windows, all the light, open space, the garden, the caring staff. As a cancer patient we must always keep hope alive within ourselves.

The care team is all about you, helping you, making you feel good during a really difficult time. Wherever you’re sitting for treatment, you’re looking out onto a beautiful garden. It’s a wide open, beautiful space. It’s just wonderful. And, it makes you feel good during a very difficult time. They understand you – they listen. Dr. Paul is wonderful. They take the time to talk to you. Paige, who’s the nurse practitioner, takes the time to talk to you each and every time you walk in. You can see the staff cares. That helps with healing, feeling good and remaining positive about a very difficult diagnosis.

In April, I will have my 22nd infusion. That will be the last one, and it will be follow up appointments from there.

I will miss everyone. When you see the same faces week in and week out for two years, you get to know the staff. You wonder how they hold up day after day caring for patients with cancer, and they just keep giving.”

-- Kathryn Redden
HR professional, artist, performing arts lover, cancer survivor
December 2021

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