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Telemedicine for Patients with Serious or Non-Healing Wounds

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  • Written By: Patricia Winward, BSN, RN, Clinical Coordinator Atlantic General Wound Care Center

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are forced to make tough choices for their own safety and comfort, especially pertaining to their healthcare needs. While medical offices may be open to physically see their patients and perform in-person examinations, some patients may still be hesitant to go to those offices if they fear exposure. After all, sick people primarily are the ones going into medical offices. Many patients rely on others or on public transportation to get to their appointments, so they choose to cancel office visits to reduce the risk of exposure.

Patients with wounds may also have underlying health conditions that place them at a greater risk of getting Covid-19 if exposed, so we are able to offer them the option of telehealth, also referred to as telemedicine.

Dr. Diane Ceruzzi has performed many telehealth appointments with her patients at Atlantic General Hospital’s Wound Care Center through our Follow My Health portal. This not only allows her to treat her patients’ wound care needs but helps her to check the progress of her patients’ wounds and adjust the treatment therapy if needed. Having the option of using a cell phone with video (or a computer or tablet) provides the visual assessment for the doctor to evaluate the wound and its characteristics: is it more reddened, larger or smaller in size, deeper into the skin, is there drainage, any signs or symptoms of worsening or infection?

These are the things that Dr. Ceruzzi assesses by telehealth, which helps her to determine the mode of treatment of the wound while the patient is unable to get to her clinic in person. The patient’s verbal information is just as important as the visualization of the wound. Verbalizing pain or discomfort, itching, or other descriptors give good information to Dr. Ceruzzi which helps her to diagnose and treat the needs of the patient. Telehealth can be done easily through the Follow My Health portal. The main difference is that the patient or family member will need to perform the wound care that is ordered. We can also assist with setting up home health care to provide the skilled wound care needs if it is not physically possible for the patient or family to provide wound care treatments.

The Atlantic General Wound Care Center is available at 1-410-629-6863 if you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Ceruzzi and her staff. Whether telemedicine is the option you feel is best, or you prefer an in-person examination, we are here for you. Let us help heal your wounds and provide the highest level of care to treat whatever your wound care needs may be.