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New Direction...Spring Is In The Air!

by Angie Fykes
New Direction Weight Loss Champion

Finally, I think that we can say spring is here. My son's baseball practices have started, and we are outside a lot more. Having his practices at a local recreational park is awesome, because as he practices with his team, my husband and I take turns walking and running on the track that surrounds the field. I love exercising outside. Don't get me wrong, I like the gym as well, but the invigorating outside air really gives me that extra boost of energy.

On top of the wonderful weather, I have an exciting excursion planned for four days. I am headed to Atlanta to have a getaway with my cousin. Once upon a time, I would have been venturing out to all kinds of restaurants and eating whatever I wanted. This time we have planned two dinners and the rest of our meals will be prepared by us. The food market in Atlanta had endless possibilities, and we are taking advantage of all of the awesome options. The money that I will save from going out will be used for other fun adventures while I am there. I hope everyone is enjoying this weather change as much as I am, and I hope that you take advantage of all the healthy benefits it has to offer!