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New Direction...fresh air exercise does a body good.

by Angie Fykes

I was so pumped this week, as it was finally time to register for the half marathon and 5k at Disney! Imagine my disappointment when we found out that the races sold out before we even managed to log on to the website! So, we are on the search another fun run, or possibly waiting until next year to try and get in again. One thing is for sure though, wear are not letting this disappointment stop us from achieving our goals!

Spring is finally here (even if it doesn’t feel like it), and I am back out on the ball field with my children. They are working on building their running skills and strengthening their arms for batting and throwing those outs! This keeps us active as a family while spending quality time together, resulting in a win in everyone’s eyes! We are also expanding our spring menu options, as we are on the go now more than ever! Smoothies are a big hit with everyone when running out the door in the morning, and salads are a huge hit with my husband, our daughter, and me, as there are many good chopped salad recipes that can be made ahead of time and portioned into grab and go lunch options! Here’s to hoping that the spring weather catches up soon, as I am certainly ready for warmer temperatures, fresh foods, and all of the benefits outdoor exercise has to offer!