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Atlantic General Hospital Announces New GI Center

Atlantic Endoscopy Center opens Monday, March 17

When Atlantic General was planning its new Endoscopy Center, hospital leadership knew they wanted to offer something beyond a skilled gastroenterology staff and a wide range of diagnostics and treatment options.

Patient comfort and safety were also key components.

The new 5,000 square foot facility, which opens on Monday, March 17, offers a quiet, private atmosphere away from the busy hustle and bustle of the hospital environment.

With private rooms and a dedicated staff who provide care only for those patients who come to the Endoscopy Center, the atmosphere is designed to alleviate much of the apprehension and embarrassment typical to many GI procedures.

The Atlantic Endoscopy Center, located within the James G. Barrett Medical Office building at the corner of Healthway Drive and Old Ocean City Boulevard in Berlin, provides many of the same gastroenterology services offered by a hospital, done on an outpatient basis. Yet, the center is just steps away from the main facility should additional services be necessary.

Directed by Drs. Jonathan Bell, Jerrold Canakis, and Lee Klepper, all board-certified gastroenterologists who have served the local community for a combined 24 years, the center provides specially trained, experienced GI nurses and endoscopy technicians to ensure a positive patient experience.

The care provided by the Atlantic Endoscopy Center is referred through the office practices of Dr. Bell and Dr. Klepper at Atlantic Gastroenterology and the private practice of Dr. Canakis.

If you are due for your routine colonoscopy or have other gastrointestinal concerns, contact the Physician Referral Line at 1-877-641-4244 or 410-629-1500 for the office information for these physicians.