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New Direction...preparation is key to success.

By Angie Fykes
New Direction Weight Loss Champion

In the past two weeks, I have definitely found the triggers that cause me to not do as well in maintaining my food plan and exercise routine. This past weekend, I sat down with my husband and asked him to help me ensure that I had the appropriate amount of time set aside for myself while not jeopardizing the time I needed to spend caring for my family as well. I am one to always put others before myself, and this has made me realize that with good planning and a support system that the time can still exist even when life gets crazy.

So, this past week has been so much easier, and I feel so much better and energized. I had time to complete my meal prep, and have made it to the gym three times! It is amazing, but the classes that I loved taking at my local gym are now starting to become too easy for me, and I have added some new equipment to my routine and plan on trying a few new classes to provide more variety in my workouts. I am a person that needs to be challenged during my workouts or I will find myself getting bored. That is one place I do not want to be as I continue this journey to a healthier me!

My focus for this past week has been change, a term that typically intimidates me. However, I am finding that change is my friend. Being at the gym and participating in the New Direction has helped me to make new friends and share my struggles with people in different stages as they try to become healthier as well. I am more open to trying new things, and I am beginning to give my husband competition in the kitchen (who has always been the main “chef” of our household). I am cooking leaner versions of family favorites, and even my picky eight year old agrees that it is good! I have been adding all of our favorites to my Pinterest account for easy retrieval for future use, and will continue to do so to ensure that we have a variety of meals that are easily accessed. I look forward to the new recipes that are awaiting me in the coming weeks and to the new classes that I will be taking as well! Variety is definitely something to stay on top of when incorporating changes into your lifestyle!