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New Direction...beginning the journey.

We welcome our newest New Direction Weight Loss Champion, Angie Fykes. Here, Angie will share her journey with you and provide a candid look into the challenges and triumphs of making lifelong, positive changes throughout the program.

When initiating a lifestyle change, there is one word that jumps out at me, and that is the word CHANGE. Why does this word intimidate me? Well, for one thing, I am one in a family of four that will be adapting to this change. While my husband and children are some of the most supporting people that I know, there will be a transition time as we incorporate healthier items into our pantry at home. New Direction will help me to overcome the obstacles that I have faced in the past (did someone say ice cream?), and will point me in the direction of healthier habits and alternatives to what has contributed to my past weight loss maintenance roadblocks.

I am not one to put myself out there, or for everyone to know what my triumphs and my struggles are, but as the new weight loss champion, I can only hope that I can inspire others to make healthier choices, and to help others overcome obstacles that I face as I begin this journey and meet my goals. What are my goals? Well, I have a few. First and foremost, I want to be healthier for myself. I want to me a healthier mother for my children, instilling healthy habits into them while they are still young. I also have quite a large goal that I want to meet along with my husband. He has asked me to run a half marathon with him in November, and I have accepted this challenge, and am working on training as part of my exercise regime. The best part is that this marathon will be at Disney World, a place that the two of us hold near and dear to our hearts.

I am truly looking forward to sharing my triumphs, my goals, and even my struggles as I am stepping outside of my normal comfort zone and initiating these changes. I am so blessed to have a family that is so supportive, and I know that with the support of my amazing AGH family too that I will surely succeed in my endeavors!