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New Direction...weight loss and management is a lifelong journey

by Angie Fykes

Wow, where did 12 weeks go?

This is my last blog post as the New Direction champion, but don’t think for a minute that I am leaving this program! Twenty-eight pounds have been shed, many lessons have been learned, and I continue to learn new things every day! I have loved being on this journey with those close to me who are a shoulder to lean on when I have a bad day or week, and in turn, I do the same for them.

I have learned not to beat myself up as I work towards healthier goals, as I have heard many times before and constantly remind myself “life happens”. I am looking towards the big picture, and am happy to say that I am at a lower weight now than I have been in a long time. The weight I have lost has made significant impacts on my life, one of the most important being better able to keep up with and play with my children. They are my rock in this journey, and the reason that I will continue to push forward. Having lost my own mother at a young age, I do not want to have any “added” reasons that could cause extra health issues.

I do not have any real words of wisdom or secrets to share. What I do want everyone to hear is to take your own journey a day at a time, if you have a weak moment, get over it and keep moving forward. Do not let one mistake become a road block.

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

That has been a big driving force for me, because in starting this program, I was in a workout rut. I was mainly doing Zumba, and not trying other things. Now, you can throw a lot more at me…..cardio equipment, weights, Pilates, interval training…..bring it on! Variety is what I find works best for me, and I don’t get bored! Get outside, enjoy the spring weather, and do something good for yourself! I strive for healthy food choices and some form of exercise each day.

I love the direction I am headed in, and am more motivated now than I have ever been!