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New Direction...Moving Forward and Tracking Success

by Angie Fykes

Wow, it is hard to believe that I have hit the halfway mark of my first round of the New Direction plan! I cannot say enough about how much support this program provides me as I work on my goals. To date, I have lost 24 pounds, and am going strong! I won’t say that I haven’t struggled, as I have had a few times that have thrown me off temporarily, but I chalk them up as learning experiences and don’t let it get me down. I constantly look for ways to modify my favorite “comfort foods” to allow me the pleasure of enjoying them, but at the same time, enjoying them in a way that is beneficial to me.

Another thing that is important to my journey is to reward myself as I reach my goals. I don’t have huge rewards, but do have small ones built into my plan along the way. When I first started the program, my husband bought me a New Beginnings Alex and Ani bracelet for my commitment to the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Now I am almost at my next small goal (25 pound weight loss), and will be adding another to my collection. Who doesn’t like to add a little jewelry to their collection? I try to look for rewards that are a tangible reminder of why I am doing this, and shy away from rewarding myself with food. I know the moment that I eat something that is way off my plan that I am starting a behavior that I do not want to fall back on.

My focus for the next half of this phase is to truly concentrate on what triggers me to think about making poor choices, whether it is a sweet treat or just being lazy and not wanting to go to the gym. I believe that I have truly gotten the food plan down to what works for me. I have introduced new foods into my pantry, and am definitely seeing the benefits just by switching things around and trying new ideas and recipes. I think the warmer weather will pump my energy level up, and I will want to be out and about rather than staying in because it is too cold to venture outside.

I do currently keep a food journal, but I am thinking that an activity journal would benefit me as well, as I can write down my exercise victories as well as document why I may not meet a certain exercise goal. This will help me to better tune the program to my needs, and will motivate me to be actives so that I don’t let myself down. I surely don’t want a notebook full of excuses! I want to share my victories with those around me and hopefully inspire someone to better themselves as well!

Images: Angie before and after!