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New Direction...goals can be achieved.

The past few weeks I have been trying to concentrate on what triggers cause me to crave poor choices. I already knew that I was a stress eater, and have tried to substitute exercise or some other activity when I feel stressed out. Having a family with a very busy schedule, this can be quite the challenge, but I am learning to work my workout schedule around all the various activities. I have never been a morning workout person, but am happy that I decided to try a 6 am class this week. I had a lot of fun, and even had some friends in the class, which always makes it more enjoyable! I am absolutely amazed at how much energy I have after a morning workout!

Another area that I struggle with is eating out when we are constantly running around. I use an app on my phone to track my food consumption for the day, and when I have downtime, I have been adding in meals that are lower on the calorie end, but that are also filling and are at a place that my whole family agrees upon.

This time of year, we also love to eat outside, and keep a fully stocked picnic supply basket and a travel grill in the trunk of the car. This way, we can fill a cooler with healthy options, and eat “out.” This is especially nice, as the recreation park that the kids typically practice at has an awesome pavilion, an outdoor track and workout area, and a playground for the kids! I always keep my water bottle filled when on the go, and keep an extra protein bar in my purse in case I get into a bind. Doing these few simple things have really had an impact on my lifestyle, and keep me on track when I have a lot going on.

I also have a reason to celebrate this week!
I have officially gone over the 25 pound weight loss goal that I set for my first reward! I will be going shopping this weekend for my next Alex and Ani bracelet, which will always be a reminder of the goals I have set for myself! My first bracelet was given to me at the beginning of my journey by my husband and is called New Beginnings. The one I plan to purchase this weekend is called Today is an Opportunity. I love how I can find bracelets that perfectly spell out how I feel as I reach a goal (I also love jewelry, so the incentive is another awesome way to keep me on track)!