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Agh Installs New Patient Multimedia Center Installed In All Hospital Rooms

This past fall, as part of a hospital-wide update of all inpatient rooms, Atlantic General Hospital installed new multimedia units that allow patients to watch television, make phone calls, and surf the web all on one machine.

The units were made available to patients this week, after thorough testing. The new technology, called care.connection, offers more than just entertainment value – giving patients an easy way to access health education and important messages from the hospital with a few taps of their index finger.

The system allows hospital staff the flexibility to update textual and video content quickly to provide access to patient education helpful in reinforcing key information, such as post-operative instructions.

Patients are able to:

• view a welcome message from the CEO
• watch a message from nursing leadership about their room and important patient safety reminders
• reference a patient “guidebook” with all the information they need for their stay
• access healing videos with soothing sounds and pictures
• surf the web, and access e-mail and other tools such as Skype to communicate with their friends and loved ones
• make phone calls
• watch television
• play games

Because the care.connection unit is mounted on a swing arm at the bed side, patients will be better able to see and hear during television and video viewing, which will further reduce noise levels in the inpatient area, which has been a continued focus for the hospital.

Once the Patient Electronic Record Keeping Service (PERKS) is launched later this month, clinicians will also be able to access a patient’s record on the care.connection and refer to it when discussing test results, medications and treatment options.

“Care.connection is another system we’re implementing that will allow us to provide individuals an outstanding patient experience during their hospitalization or observation stay,” said Colleen Wareing, vice president of patient care services at Atlantic General Hospital. “Many care delivery processes will change and improve in addition to implementation of an electronic record and other tools. Our goal through all of these interventions is to allow our clinicians to be more effective in their care, provide education and to assist our patients in being actively engaged in their health outcomes.”

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