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Custom Patient-Specific Surgical Instruments Help Agh Surgeon Improve Outcomes For Knee Replacement Patients

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While choosing a high performance knee replacement is central to anyone who wants to return to an active lifestyle, there is a new surgical procedure available that may extend the life of knee implants. And, it’s less invasive, with an easier recovery for patients.

Visionaire Patient Match technology is a remarkable system that uses a patient’s MRI and x-ray images to design and build surgical instruments customized for his or her unique knee anatomy.

While every person’s knee joint has subtle differences in shape and contour, traditional surgical instruments used to place knee implants are one-size-fits-all. In the past, an orthopedic surgeon would spend time during the procedure adapting to a knee’s “terrain” in order to achieve the proper placement of the implant.

In traditional knee replacements, long metal rods are inserted into the shafts of the femur and the tibia to stabilize the instruments that serve as guides for any cuts that need to be made to the ends of the bones.

Using Visionaire technology, orthopedic surgeon Tom Beck, D.O., comes to the operating room equipped with single-use instruments, engineered and molded exclusively for that patient’s knee by Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics.

Therefore, the need for metal rods to stabilize the cutting instruments is eliminated, resulting in less bleeding, less pain, and shorter recovery periods for the patient.

Not only does the Visionaire system eliminate multiple steps from the surgery, thus reducing time under anesthesia, but an implant placed with this computer-guided precision has a reduced risk of the kind of misalignment that can cause it to wear out before its time.

“This technology is truly a blessing for my patients,” says Beck, a surgeon at Atlantic General’s Center for Joint Surgery and the practice of Atlantic Orthopaedics. “I have more confidence in the accurate placement of the implant, while my patients benefit from a simplified procedure. Because the technology delivers pre-sized and pre-aligned instruments, my time in the OR has decreased significantly. For patients, that means a reduced risk of complications like infection.”

For more information about VISIONAIRE Patient Match technology, contact the Center for Joint Surgery at 410-641-9131.

VISIONAIRE is a trademark of Smith & Nephew, Inc.

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