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Do you have a chronic disease or condition or do you take care of someone with a chronic condition? If you do then you should consider making your life better by attending the Living Well workshop. The model for this program comes out of Stanford School of Medicine and is a chronic disease self-management course. The workshop is facilitated by two specially trained leaders, some of whom are healthcare professionals and some are not, one or both with chronic diseases themselves. It teaches participants how to live a quality life even with a chronic disease.

Anyone who has any type of chronic condition or the caregiver of anyone with a chronic condition should attend. Examples of chronic conditions may include diabetes, arthritis, migraine headaches, back pain, heart disease or any conditions that hinder you from living the life you desire. If you have any condition which alters your daily living in any way you could benefit from this workshop. Topics covered include:
• How to manage problems such as frustration, fatigue, pain and isolation
• How to communicate effectively with family, friends and healthcare professionals
• Nutrition and how it effects our quality of life
• Exercise to improve strength, flexibility and endurance
• How to make daily tasks easier
• How to get more out of life!
• Appropriate use of medications
• How to evaluate new treatment options

The workshop is six classes of 2½ hours each. Participant feedback rates the classes as highly successful. Much of the success of the program lies in how it is taught. Classes are interactive and offer mutual support which leads to the success of the participants and builds confidence in their ability to manage their health.

Atlantic General Hospital is offering this workshop beginning on September 13 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 pm at the Lower Shore YMCA in Pocomoke, Md. The workshop will meet each Thursday until October 18. There is no charge for the classes. To pre-register, please call Laura at 410-629-6820.