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AGH Wound Care Center Receives High Honors Three Years in a Row

Chronic wounds affect more than 6.5 million people each year. They are the bane of the elderly and those with diabetes or compromised immune systems. And their related health complications cost between $20 and $25 million annually in the U.S. They can necessitate amputation and, in the most serious cases, lead to death.

Since Atlantic General Hospital’s Wound Care Center opened its doors more than three years ago, its dedicated staff has treated more than 1,100 patients, healing 1,157 chronic wounds that just would not get better without comprehensive treatment.

Currently, the center is healing more than 96 percent of the wounds treated there, an achievement that has exceeded national benchmarks and been applauded by Diversified Clinical Services, who manages the center.

For the third consecutive year, Diversified has bestowed its Center of Distinction Award to Atlantic General for its healing rate and high level of patient satisfaction among other measures. For the second time, AGH has also received the Diversified Robert A. Warriner III Center of Excellence Award for maintaining their quality and patient satisfaction levels for multiple consecutive years.

This year, Diversified raised the bar for the awards, making the requirements stricter, but Atlantic General’s Wound Care Center continues to surpass the benchmarking.

The quality of care provided by the center’s staff as well as the personalized attention given is reflected in these numbers. Atlantic General’s Wound Care Center enjoys a 95 percent patient satisfaction rate.

“The clinical staff delivers compassionate and personalized attention coupled with the most up-to-date wound care technologies and procedures,” said Geri Rosol, program director for the Wound Care Center. “It is the goal of the center’s staff to not only deliver expert care to the patient, but also to provide education and resources for the patient and their family or caregiver to help prevent future wounds from occurring. The Wound Care Center is a vital, much-needed resource for our community, and I am truly honored to be part of such an excellent team.”