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How to Improve your Household Air and Your Family's Health Discussed at Visions Conference

While air pollution is a concern for many, few think about the dust, pollen, mold, and fumes that all contribute to poor air quality inside our homes.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the quality of the air inside a home can be up to five times worse than outdoors. There are many contributors to poor indoor air quality, including high levels of moisture, lack of proper air circulation, household chemicals, dust and dirt.

At the 2006 Visions for Total Health Conference, to be held Saturday, August 26 at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Artic Heating & Air Conditioning of Berlin will present a breakout session titled “Is Your House Making You Sick?”

During the session, Russell Queen will discuss the common air pollutants in the home that could be contributing to chronic illnesses such as asthma and allergies and explain the importance of performing an air quality audit in your home.

For more information about this breakout session or the conference itself, please contact Leila McCann, Visions for Total Health Coordinator, at 410-641-9268. To pre-register to attend the conference, please call 410-641-9479.

Atlantic General Hospital’s 2006 Visions for Total Health Conference is sponsored by Maryland Coastal Bays, 21st Century Oncology, the Worcester County Health Department, and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.