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Health of Coastal Habitats and Your Own Backyard Explored at 2006 Visions for Total Health Conference

Environmental health, one of three tracts of the 2006 Visions for Total Health Conference to be held on Saturday, August 26 at the Roland E Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, will include two break-out sessions by David Wilson, Outreach Coordinator of Maryland Coastal Bays, as well as a presentation on “Birds of Worcester County.”

One of the Coastal Bays sessions, titled “Your Bays, Your Health,” will focus on the environmental conditions of Maryland’s Coastal Bays and how their status affects human health. Wilson will discuss the nutrients found in our area waters, as well as the effects of chemicals and development on these habitats and the resulting quality of life for people.

In “The Environmentally Responsible Homeowner,” Wilson will discuss common household chemicals that are dangerous to your health and offer safe alternatives. He will also talk about how to be an environmentally friendly homeowner regarding energy and water conservation, the use of pesticides and herbicides on our lawns and gardens, and recycling.

In addition to the Coastal Bays presentations, Larry and Jean Fry, both former educators in the Harford County Schools who have been avid birdwatchers for more than twenty-five years, will provide a breakout session on “Birds of Worcester County.” The presentation will include an overview of the resident and migratory bird populations in the area as well as a brief discussion of the environmental factors that are contributing to a decline in their numbers.

Those planning to attend the conference must pre-register for the event by calling 410-641-9479. For more information about event speakers, screenings and demonstrations, please contact Leila McCann, Visions for Total Health Coordinator, at 410-641-9268.