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Providers Offering video visits

The following offices within Atlantic General Health System have primary care providers and specialists that offer video visits. Please call to see if the reason for your appointment qualifies for a video visit and to request a video visit today.

Atlantic General Primary Care, Selbyville
Sally Dowling, MD
Kathleen Morris, CRNP

Atlantic General Primary Care, Ocean View
Kieran Py, MD

Atlantic General Primary Care, West Fenwick
Ellen Rowe, MD

Atlantic General Primary Care, Ocean City
Amy Barshinger, CRNP
G.W. Smith, PA-C
Stephen Waters, MD

Atlantic General Primary Care and Pediatrics, West Ocean City
Munna Garg, MD
Danielle Orr, MD
Beverly Wilson, PA-C

Atlantic Genera Primary Care, Ocean Pines
Corinna Kirkpatrick, PA-C
Oswaldo Nicastro, MD
Craig Johnson, PA-C

Atlantic General Internal Medicine, Berlin
Edwin Castaneda, MD
Alison Diesel, PA-C

Atlantic General Pediatrics
Carrie Dawes, CPNP
Anita Pascucci, DO
Laura Stokes, DO

Atlantic General Women’s Health, West Ocean City
Nicki Akstinas, CRNP
Melissa Braniff, CRNP
Margo Gill, MD
Christine Neto, MD

Atlantic General Women’s Health, Selbyville
Michelle Farlow, CRNP

Atlantic General Gastroenterology, Berlin
Jonathan Bell, MD
Lee Klepper, MD
Gena Nance, CRNP

Atlantic General Gastroenterology, Ocean View
Jonathan Bell, MD

Atlantic General Behavioral Health
Bryce Blanton, MD

Atlantic General Urology, Berlin
James Cherry, MD
Sharon Weber, PA-C

Atlantic General Urology, Berlin
Jason Smith, DO

Atlantic General Endocrinology, Ocean Pines
Patricia Morales, CRNP
Jacqueline Messner, CRNP

Atlantic General Neurology, Berlin
Lawrence Kemp, MD
Emily Laustsen, PA-C
Preeti Yonker, MD

Atlantic General Specialty Care, Berlin
Jeremy Gill, MD

Atlantic General Pulmonology, Berlin
Peter Costantini, MD

Atlantic General Surgical Associates, Berlin
Angela Simmons, CRNP
Alae Zarif, MD
Xin Zhong, MD

Atlantic General Rheumatology, Berlin
David Wanalista, DO

Atlantic General Rheumatology, Ocean View
David Wanalista, DO

Atlantic General Nutrition Services
Amanda Buckley, RD
Katie Busacca, RD
Amy Gehrig, RD
Darlene Jameson, RD (Diabetes)