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Atlantic General Hospital Partners with GE Medical Systems to Offer Staff Free Continuing Education

Berlin, Md. - Through a partnership with GE, Atlantic General Hospital now offers its radiology technologists free continuing education to assist them in maintaining their professional certification.

The staff can take the classes through the Healthcare Learning System’s Tip-TV OnDemand broadcasts available on certain televisions within the hospital or by viewing the coursework online. The exams are taken online and test scores are sent directly to the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), which then awards continuing education credits.

Through the online system created by GE, employees can build their course load for the entire year based on the continuing education requirements of their field and track their progress accordingly.

Typically, medical professionals are responsible for any cost involved in the continuing education necessary to maintain their certification. The system will allow the radiology technicians at Atlantic General to earn most if not all of their continuing education credits each year at no cost.

“This is a wonderful valued added program that we are able to realize as a part of our partnership with General Electric Company,” says Bob Abbott, Director of Imaging at Atlantic General Hospital.

Selected classes are also available for physicians and other medical professionals at Atlantic General Hospital through this system.