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Your Joint Surgery Options


Chronic shoulder pain can result from a number of medical conditions, such as injury, infection or nerve damage. However, the most common cause is osteoarthritis, or the wearing away of the cartilage in the shoulder joint. In a healthy shoulder, the cartilage provides a smooth surface for the joint's ball and socket to glide against each other during movement. Pain results when the cartilage is gone, and bone is rubbing against bone.

In early stages of arthritis, your physician may prescribe heat, rest, physical therapy and/or cortisone injections to help lessen pain. When these interventions no longer manage your pain, you may want to consider surgery.

Surgery Options

Our specialists at the Center for Joint Surgery offer a number of shoulder replacement procedures that conserve bone and decrease blood loss and pain that result from surgery, including stemless and short-stemmed shoulder implants for primary shoulder replacement as well as reverse shoulder replacements.

You can find more information about specific procedures, including the Simplicity™ Shoulder System stemless procedure, the Aequalis Ascend™ short-stemmed procedure, and the Aequalis Ascend™ reverse shoulder replacement, by clicking here.

Your surgeon can help you determine the best option for you based upon your anatomy, medical history and current health status.

Learn more about the surgeons who offer each of these procedures by calling the Center for Joint Surgery at (410) 629-1500 today.


Our surgeons provide some of the most advanced knee replacement procedures available today.

Visionaire Patient-Matched Technology uses MRIs to create custom surgery instrumentation for knee replacement. This results in a more precisely placed implant and less time in surgery because it is "fitted" to match the patient's knee anatomy.

Visionaire works hand-in-hand with Verilast Knee Replacement technology, which addresses the issue of implant wear. With potentially longer-lasting implants, patients could enjoy the benefits of knee replacement without fearing the possibility of follow-up surgery in less than 10 years. In other words: if you need knee replacement surgery on the Eastern Shore, call Atlantic General Hospital.

Another option is the Conformis® knee replacement. Thanks to revolutionary implant technology, we utilize your individual CT scan data to prepare a knee replacement that’s “engineered” just for you. We design the implant for your own actual anatomy so that it fits precisely while also allowing for optimal bone preservation. Not only do we restore the natural shape of your unique anatomy, we can minimize long-term pain following surgery.

Learn more about the surgeons who offer each of these procedures by calling the Center for Joint Surgery at (410) 629-1500 today.


Another cutting-edge procedure, Birmingham hip resurfacing, is a powerful solution for young or active patients because it does not require a full replacement of the hip. Instead, it uses a metal plate and socket placed on the femoral ball (much like a tooth crown) in order to restore pain-free movement.

Our hip surgery specialists also provide traditional and arthroscopic surgery, depending on each patient's needs. We are equipped to provide total hip replacement, anterior approach hip replacement, minimally-invasive solutions, and a host of other procedures to get our patients moving fearlessly and without pain.


As a minimally-invasive procedure, arthroscopic surgery provides patients with an outpatient procedure that restores mobility with minimal recovery time. Patients have access to highly experienced arthroscopic surgeons for their hips, knees, or shoulders.

Call the Center for Joint Surgery at (410) 629-1500 to learn more.

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