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The 2003 expansion of the Emergency Department at Atlantic General Hospital brought the number of available beds to nineteen, eight of those being cardiac beds. Through the implementation of a fast track for less serious cases and technologies such as an automated medication dispenser and a patient tracking system, the department has been able to streamline procedures to efficiently treat the roughly 27,000 patients who come through their doors in a given year.

We put the urgency in emergency

While emergency room overcrowding and long waits to receive care plague hospitals across the country, Atlantic General Hospital has continued to improve efficiencies and shorten wait times in its emergency department. Atlantic General Hospital now makes a 30-minute ER Promise: patients will be placed in an exam bed or will begin to receive treatment within 30 minutes of arrival at the hospital.


We have also implemented online wait times, found right here on our web site, to give visitors an idea of the time they can expect to be in our emergency department before being placed in an exam room or having their treatment initiated. The service mirrors the 30 ER Minute Promise and empowers individuals to avoid longer waits.

“By no means do we want anyone to hold off coming to us if they are in a truly emergent situation. But, for those with more minor problems – a broken finger, a laceration – our new online service is an invaluable tool for avoiding peak volumes and a longer wait.”
-- Andi West McCabe, director of Emergency Services at Atlantic General Hospital

Individuals who need emergency care should not have to wait for treatment. For the patient, time spent in a bogged down emergency department can make a frightening situation even more stressful. We want to show the community that our attention to their swift care and comfort is foremost in our minds.”
– Michael Franklin, president and CEO of Atlantic General Hospital

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