Bariatric Program Details

Several components comprise our bariatric program, so we can provide the appropriate level of support to our patients to achieve successful weight loss. Below are the features of the program and a brief description of what costs patients will be responsible for. Once you schedule an initial consultation, financial counseling will be provided to help you determine insurance coverage and out-of-pocket expenses.


  1. One hour evaluation by a registered dietician at Atlantic General Bariatric Center. Nutrition visits are submitted to your insurance company. You will be responsible for non-covered services, co-pays and deductibles based on your individual benefits as directed by each insurance company.
  2. You will be responsible for obtaining the required monthly dietary counseling sessions that are needed to meet the medical criteria for authorizing your surgery. (Most insurance companies require 6 months of nutritional counseling. It will be your responsibility to obtain the criteria and acceptable methods which your individual policy uses and complete these sessions prior to initiation of the authorization process for surgery). This must be done at an outside source with complete documentation available for submission to insurance companies.
  3. Any post operative evaluations required with a registered dietician will be billed to your insurance. You will be responsible for any non-covered services, co-pays and deductibles.


  1. Pre-operative evaluation from a licensed social worker selected through Atlantic General Bariatric Center.
  2. You will be responsible for obtaining assessment by a licensed provider specifically addressing the criteria needed for insurance companies to authorize bariatric surgery. You will be responsible for co-pays/co-insurance/deductibles based on your individual benefits. All patients must complete the evaluation and information must be made available to Atlantic General Bariatric Center prior to submission for authorization for surgery.

Program Fee
A one-time fee of $150 is charged for education and program materials including a dietary binder and fitness information.

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