Foundation Membership

Foundation Membership Annual Meeting, Dec. 2015

Foundation Board of Directors
Todd Ferrante, Chair
Christopher Hoen, Vice Chair
Phil Houck, Treasurer
Michelle Fager, Secretary

Cliff Berg
Chris Carbaugh
Charlotte Cathell
Bud Church
Earl Conley II
Lisa Cook
S. Michael Cylc
William E. Esham III
Salvatore Fasano
Aaron Finney
Michael Franklin
Matt Giardina
Brad Gillis
J. Steven Green
Ann Hamilton**
Dan Harris III**
Madalaine How
Toni Keiser
Senator James N. Mathias, Jr.**
Alex Moore
Sasha Motsko
Cheryl Nottingham
Jim Prete
Kim Ruark Mihaly
Gail Whaley
Terry Wright
Preeti Yonker, M.D.

** Appointed ex-officio non-voting board member

Executive Committee
Todd Ferrante, Chair
Christopher Hoen, Vice Chair
Phil Houck, Treasurer
Michelle Fager, Secretary
Toni Keiser, VP Public Relations

Committee Chairs
Todd Ferrante - Membership Committee
Senator Jim Mathias and Commissioner Bud Church - Government Relations Committee
Cliff Berg - Planned Giving Committee
Lisa Cook - Major Gifts Committee
Christopher Hoen and Phil Houck - Investment/Use Committee
Phillip J. Cheung - Annual Appeal Committee
M. Kathy Drew - Special Events Committee
Chris Carbaugh and Terry Wright - Fall Golf Classic Committee
S. Michael Cylc - Penguin Swim Committee
Kim Ruark Mihaly - Anniversary Celebration Committee

Foundation Members
Kevin Andrade
Jackie Ball
Ryan J. Bergey III
Phillip J. Cheung
Kristina Connell
Jennifer L. Cropper
Tara Downes
M. Kathy Drew
John F. Gehrig
Beth Gismondi
Michael S. Guerrieri
Bobby Hammond III
Hale Harrison
Angie Hayden
Patricia Ilczuk-Lavanceau
Stacey Jones
Stan Kahn
Dean Langrall
M. Dean Lewis
Kim Messick
Dr. Lawrence Michnick
Mechelle Nichols
Joshua Nordstrom
Mark Odachowski
Dawne Pappas
Erika Phillips
Jeff Phillips
Diana Purnell
Jay Taustin
Rebecca Taylor
Emily Tunis
Andrew Urban

Foundation Membership Roles and Responsibilities
Members elect Directors for Board at annual meeting.
Members serve as pool for future Board of Directors.
Members serve on committees as requested and/or appointed.
Members review/approve proposed Bylaws changes.
Members serve as community representatives for AGH.
Members attend quarterly meetings, including three general membership meetings and the annual meeting. The general membership meetings are held on the second Wednesday in March, June, and September, and the annual meeting is held on the first Wednesday of December. All meetings start at 8:30 a.m. Members may attend any Foundation Board of Directors monthly meeting as a non-voting member.
Members serve unlimited term of service.