The Chapel

The John Dale Showell Family Chapel

The chapel and meditation area is a space within the hospital important for well-being and healing of the whole person. We are fortunate to be in an environment where faith and healing work hand in hand. This chapel serves as a non-denominational spiritual place where the act of healing can minister to patient and families, visitors, associates, volunteers, and physicians.

Over the years the chapel has become an inclusive place where people, irrespective of their faith, have found a haven – a place of quiet reflection, a place to weep, and a place where despair and hope are expressed.

The chapel is an environment of comfort when patients and family members are grappling with issues that directly affect their health and well-being. In the process of coping with crises, guilt, loneliness, pain, anxiety, fear of death or fear of some other loss, the chapel and meditation area serves as a place to focus on spiritual strength and encouragement.

The Chapel is available at all times. It is located on the second floor on the East wing of 2 North.