HELP Payment Plan Features

Guaranteed line of credit
You have borrowing capacity equal to the amount you and any other family members currently owe Atlantic General Hospital and/or Atlantic General Health System.

Combine accounts into one payment plan
You can choose to combine all of your family accounts into one HELP payment plan.

Affordable and flexible payments
You choose the monthly payment that best suits your budget. The types of payments that can be made available to you can be found here [link back to monthly payment chart].

No pre-payment penalties
You can always make double payments or pay off your HELP account early, with no additional interest or other penalties attached.

Three year payment plans
You can choose to spread your payments out for up to three years.

Future hospital bills
As future healthcare bills arise, you can simply charge them to your HELP account.

Easy enrollment
You will not be subject to a forma credit check. For most people, if you have a source of income, you qualify!

0.0% interest for initial 12 months
Regardless of the term you choose, the initial 12 months of your plan will carry an introductory 0.0% annual percentage rate (APR). After that your APR will be 8.0% on your remaining principle balance only.