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How much is my Medicare deductible?
For the current deductible amount, please check the website.

For calendar year 2014, the Medicare Part A deductible – for inpatient hospital, skilled nursing facility and home health services – is $1,216, an increase of $32 over calendar year 2013. The daily coinsurance amounts are $304 for days 61-90 of hospitalization in a benefit period; $608 for lifetime reserve days; and $152 for days 21-100 of extended care services in a skilled nursing facility in a benefit period.

The base Part B monthly premium and annual deductible – for physician and hospital outpatient services, certain home health services, durable medical equipment and other items – is unchanged for calendar year 2014. The premium is $104.90 and the annual deductible is $147. The base Part B premium is adjusted upward for higher income beneficiaries.

I have Medicare, why am I asked to sign an ABN for some services?
You are asked to sign an ABN notice before items or services are furnished when the provider believes that Medicare probably or certainly will not pay for some or all of the items or services on the basis of medical reasonableness and necessity. You can make an informed decision whether or not to receive the items or services for which you may have to pay out of pocket or through other insurance. Example: Medicare covers pap tests and pelvic exams once every 24 months, or once every 12 months for women at high risk, and for women of child-bearing age who have had an exam that indicated cancer or other abnormalities in the past 3 years.

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