Associates in Transition

Associates In Transition (AIT) is a collaborative effort to address workforce challenges at Atlantic General Hospital through the development of a hospital-wide mentoring program for both clinical and non-clinical associates.

Specifically, this mentoring program seeks to address two areas:

  • Retention of new associates
  • Creation of an associate network

The mentoring program provides an additional opportunity to enhance the personal and intellectual development of associates in transition, whether they are new associates, associates transferring from one department to another or those returning to Atlantic General Hospital. Current associates will serve as peer mentors and provide personalized support.

Associates in transition not only receive personal guidance from mentors, but also benefit from professional development opportunities. The program is committed to assisting AIT’s and providing them support during their first year on the job.

Associates will receive encouragement from mentors in their pursuit of excellence at Atlantic General Hospital. Mentors gain satisfaction from making a personal investment in the future of Atlantic General Hospital. Each mentor will become an advocate, a role model, a friend. The mentor will serve as a catalyst for personal and intellectual growth. Mentors will work with their associates in transition to encourage career success and professional advancement.